The University of East Anglia is committed to supporting the safety, wellbeing and human rights of those with whom we interact.

The University has a statutory duty in relation to Prevent legislation intended to identify and support those at risk of radicalisation. The risk of being drawn into extremist ideologies is considered to be a significant safeguarding concern, and Prevent is important to our university as we seek to build an inclusive environment.
By proactively reaching out to a person of concern, we can offer a programme of support through UEA Student Services and other external groups that will address such issues as harassment and discrimination fostering an inclusive environment through education and awareness programmes.

Prevent concerns can be reported using the Report&Support form. UEA students and staff can find more information about the Prevent referral pathway here (myUEA login required)

Apprenticeship providers can find information about reporting a PREVENT concern here

There are two ways you can tell us what happened